How much are your fees?

A 1040EZ return starts at $99.00 

We Accept Visa, Master, American Express and Debit Cards


What is mobile tax preparation?

Mobile tax preparation is when we come to you rather than you going to a tax office.


Do we have to meet at my home?

No. We can meet at a location of your choosing. We have some clients who prefer to meet at a coffee house or fast food restaurant near their home.


Do you set a firm price for your service before completing my taxes?

Yes, and we understand why you would ask. Too many companies will quote you a low price to get the appointment and then surprise you with a larger bill when the tax return is complete. In most cases, you have been in their office for over an hour and they hope you are just too tired to argue. There will be no surprises with the cost of our service. It's our job to estimate the cost of service, then stick to the agreement.


How do you charge so much less than the big chains?

We do not have the rent or national advertising costs that big chains do. Nor do we have the cost of paying employees. Therefore we can keep prices very competitive.


Will you answer a tax question if I am not yet your client?

Sure, and at NO COST. We have a several long-time clients from free consultations. Some probably knew the answer and wanted to test my knowledge (smile). That's okay.

You can give us a call or send an email. Hopefully you will understand that there is a limit to the number of questions we can answer if you are not a client.


Who can I count as a dependent?

If you are providing more than half the cost for a person’s care and they lived in your home for more than 6 months you can claim them as a dependent.


I'm self-employed. Can you still help me?

Yes. Self employed people have additional forms they must submit from people that are employed, but we can accommodate you with your tax return for less than you will pay at a traditional tax office.


How quickly can I get my refund?

Usually if there are no taxes owed or no other flags on your return you can usually get your refund in 10-14 days.


What is an audit?

An audit is a review of your tax return due to errors, too many deductions or sometimes just a random check and balance that the IRS initiates


Are you certified by the IRS?


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